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Contacting rach.net

How to Contact rach.net

The ownership and management of michael.rach.net can only be reached electronically. Only inquiries related to this website, michael.rach.net, will be reviewed. Further, any communication has only a slight possibility of receiving a response. Any response is strictly at the whim and inclination of the management.

Each page on this website which displays the menu bar at the top contains a link [Contact Us]. Please use the aforementioned link for more detailed instructions for contacting the ownership and management of michael.rach.net.

Direct Email

Feel free to contact the management and ownership of michael.rach.net by following the instructions below. We do apologize for the tedious nature of the instructions but the SPAMMERs, WebBots, Nigerian Solicitors, and other assorted undesireables make it impossible to just post an email address.

You may send an email directly to anyone of the webmaster, editor or publisher via "webmaster at rach dot net". You must replace the "at" with the '@' symbol and the "dot" with the '.' symbol, of course.

Online Communications Form

If for some reason, you are unable, e.g., Web Kiosk, Internet Cafe, etc., or unwilling to send a direct email, an online form is provided on this website.

If you have a question, suggestion or comment please feel free to use the provided form located here. We welcome and thank you for your feedback.

WebBots and BotNets

Webbots and robots wishing to harvest an email address for SPAM (not Spam™)or UCE feel free to use this link mailto:tarbaby@rach.net which emails directly to our SPAM learning content filter, thank you, Bots, for your help in identifying your SPAM or UCE.

If you are a human please do not use the mailto: link in the above paragraph as all your mail will be identified as SPAM or UCE and deleted.